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You’ve heard the saying, “A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words.” Nothing could be more true than in real estate.  The vast majority of home buyers use the Internet to start their home search.  Over the course of a couple of months, they’ll browse thousands of photos of homes for sale, looking for the “one” that stands out and says, “this is home.”

Each time buyers search for homes, they do what we all do – make quick first impressions – and then move on.  Within a fraction of a second they’ll view a home’s image, draw a conclusion, and then eliminate it from consideration based on how good (or bad) the home looks in the photos.

If you’re selling your home, especially in today’s market, you want every buyer to consider your home.  And poor images of your home will not get people through your front door.  But here’s what you can do about it.

In order to sell your home, you need buyers.  Which is why the goal of every real estate agent is to get as many prospective buyers into your home as possible.  The more buyers who see your home, the better chance it has of selling quickly and for the best possible price. High quality images of your home do just that.  They capture the attention of potential buyers, make them take a second (or third) look, and persuade them to consider buying YOUR home.  Here’s 3 reasons why:

  1. First Impressions count: 85% of all Clovis buyers start the home buying process online.  That means the internet is the FIRST opportunity you have to market and sell your home.  Moreover, most Clovis buyers spend only a fraction of a second glancing at Clovis homes for sale before they make a decision of whether to seek more information on a particular home.  That means you need to capture a Clovis buyer’s attention with sharp, vibrant photos.  FAST!
  2. Selling for More: Your home likely is your largest investment. The more Clovis buyers you have competing for your home, the higher it will typically sell.  That’s why getting as many people through your front door is critical.
  3. Marketing: Poor or uninteresting photographs actually turn people away from your home, not bring them in. Take a look at the photograph below of an actual Clovis home for sale.  What impression do you get of the home?  Would you drive by it, or want to go see it based on this photograph?  Most buyers wouldn’t. This is no way to showcase a house or bring in potential buyers.

badhome image2

Why Poor Photos is Actually Good News for You!

If you browse the Clovis MLS you’ll notice that poor home photos are very common.  This is actually good news for you if you’re thinking about selling your Clovis home.  With so many lifeless and amateur photos of homes out there, a home with professional photos will easily stand out and get a potential buyer’s attention quickly.  Which is exactly what you want to do.

We Use a Skilled Photographer

Poor photos that don’t flatter your home or fail to showcase its full potential can actually discourage potential buyers from taking a look.  However, hiring a top-notch photographer can cost as much as $1,000.  What’s the solution?

At Clovis Real Estate, we use a skilled photography to take photos of our client’s homes.  A skilled photographer knows best how to highlight your home’s features and capture it in its very best light.  Producing high quality property photographs without the necessary experience or professional equipment can be particularly challenging in the interior of many homes due to confined spaces and high contrasts of light. Using a standard digital camera (or worse, a mobile phone camera as some agents do when taking photos themselves) simply can’t produce the best results.  Remember – you want your home to STAND OUT, not be like everyone else’s.

Photos provided by a skilled photographer are also better composed, more vibrant and eye-catching (notice the one above).  Quality photos such as these generate more interest from prospective buyers so you’re more likely to have your property sold sooner – and achieve the best possible price!

We all like taking snapshots of friends and family for sentimental reasons. But home photography is different. If you neglect subject, light, composition, and angle, you’ll end up with images that do more harm than good.  Remember, you’re not selling an item on eBay.  You’re hoping to sell your life’s investment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The key to selling any home quickly and for top dollar is to get as many potential buyers to view it.  At Clovis Real Estate, we know how important photos are to attracting potential buyers.  And we take it seriously.  That’s why we bring in a skilled photographer to take professional photographs of your home.  The best images are chosen and then used to market your home on the MLS, your home’s own website, and on the leading Internet websites (Google, Yahoo, etc.).  When a prospective buyer sees your photos – they’ll see a collage of vibrant, rich photographs, that showcase your home in its full potential.  Best of all.  We provide this service FREE to all of our clients.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, let us know.  We’ll show you how we use photography and other methods to market your home and make it stand out from all of the others.

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