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Quail Lake Homes for Sale

October 27th, 2009

Quail Lake, Clovis CA

Quail Lake Clovis CA, clovis quail lake, quail lake clovis ca, quail lake clovisQuail Lake is a lakeside community in Clovis, CA.  Located just outside the city of Clovis, it offers a way of living not found anywhere else in Clovis.  Boasting one of the top charter schools in the state, breathtaking Clovis homes with water views, and a serene setting, this community is as popular as ever.  If you’re searching for a Quail Lake home, we’ll share with you the various types of Quail Lake homes for sale.

Quail Lake Homes

Quail lake was architecturally designed to have a number of smaller neighborhoods or “coves” within the lakeside community.  For example, the Mountain View ‘neighborhood’ homes are on the east side of Quail Lake, facing the Sierra Nevada and offer breathtaking views on a clear day.

In addition to your choice of neighborhood, Quail Lake offers home buyers a variety of home styles to choose from.  A number of Quail Lake homes are custom-made, meaning they’re one-one-of-a-kind.  These homes typically offer exceptional design and location (most are located on or near the water).  The remaining Quail Lake homes are equally well designed and offer variety seldom found in other neighborhoods.

The style of Quail Lake homes varies and you can find just about any popular style from traditional Americana, Tuscan, Spanish, or even build your own custom style home.

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Quail Lake Map

No matter where the home you buy is located, you’ll find it close to a park or trail.  Quail Lake has 2 neighborhood parks (one of the east side and one on the west side), not including the expansive green area next to the lake and club house (which is centrally located).  A walking trail circles the entire Quail Lake community, plus there’s a community pool.  To learn more about Quail Lake click here.

Quail Lake Homes for Sale

There are a number of Quail Lake homes for sale at a given time.  They range in price from the $200,000’s to over $1 million.  Click here for a FREE list of current Quail Lake homes for sale.

Because of its popularity and uniqueness, Quail Lake homes typically sell very quickly.  Remember, Quail Lake isn’t like other Clovis neighborhoods where you generally can get the same house and location just down the street.  It’s one of the reasons why so many people want to live here.  In other words, don’t wait and miss out on your dream home.  If you see something you like, contact us ASAP and we’ll take you to go see it before it sells.

Clovis Realtors

At Clovis Real Estate, we specialize in Clovis homes.  As Clovis Realtors, we believe that in order to really know a community, you must have lived there.  And we do.  We live at Quail Lake and can tell you just about everything there is to know about this fabulous Clovis community.  If you would like a tour of Quail Lake, just let us know.  We’d love to show you around and take you to see any of the Quail Lake homes for sale.

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