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HUD Homes in Clovis

July 1st, 2011

HUD Homes for sale Clovis, HUD homes broker Clovis Fresno

Now Selling HUD Homes in Clovis!

If you’re a real estate investor, or just someone looking for a bargain Clovis home, we’re proud to announce that we’re now a registered HUD homes broker. HUD homes are sold to the public when HUD/FHA mortgages are foreclosed. HUD pays the original lender the amount of the loan due and other expenses. HUD then resells the property as drastic discounts.  If you thought Clovis foreclosures were cheap, HUD homes can offer even more savings.

What is a HUD Home?

A HUD home is a home or vacant land that was purchased with an FHA loan (government insured).  When the homeowner defaulted on their mortgage, the FHA paid off the mortgage lender and took possession of the home and is relisting it for sale.

Advantages of HUD Homes

There are many advantages to purchasing a HUD home, but here are a few.  First, HUD will allow the buyer to receive up to 3% in closing costs.  Here in Clovis, 3% is just about what a typical closing will run with lender fees, title fees, etc so there’s very little money required out of pocket, saving you thousands.  Also, you can move in faster if you purchase a HUD home eligible for FHA-insured mortgage because it has already been appraised.

HUD Homes for Sale

Clovis Real Estate HUD homes for saleIn order to purchase a HUD home you must work with a HUD registered real estate broker, such as Clovis Real Estate.  HUD homes can only be accessed by HUD brokers and HUD brokers are the only ones who can submit your offer to HUD.  The offer starts out on paperwork but is submitted electronically to the HUD system. For a list of HUD homes for sale in Clovis and Fresno, just complete the list below and we’ll send it directly to your email.


For more information on buying HUD home visit the HUD website or just give us a call.  We’ll be glad to help.

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